Specialty Stainless Steel Cam-Locks

Our stainless couplings are manufactured from type 316 stainless for maximum corrosion resistance. Care is taken at the factory to ensure a smooth finish on wetted surfaces to minimize bacteria build-up in sanitary applications. Ductile iron cam-locks are not plated. Female couplers are supplied with locking clips.

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G64SSC Crimp Style Hose Shank Coupler G64SSE Crimp Style Hose Shank Adapter
G65SSAA Double Male Adapter G65SSDD Double Female Adapter
G65SSCA Reducer G65SSLB Locking Arm Part B Male NPT Coupler
G65SSLC Locking Arm Part C Hose Shank Coupler G65SSLD Locking Arm Part D Female NPT Coupler
G65SSLDC Locking Arm Part DC Dust Cap