Nylon & Polypropylene Fittings

The white nylon fittings shown here are made with FDA approved type 6/6 nylon. They are rated to a maximum working pressure of 75 psi and will withstand temperatures to 60°C (140°F). Green Line also offers polypropylene bulkhead couplings as well as buttress adapters.

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G20N Straight Hose Menders G20N90 Hose Mender Elbows
G21N Straight Male NPT Hose Barbs G22N Female NPT Hose Barb
G21N90 Male NPT Hose Barb Elbows G20NT Hose Tees
G20NTM Male Branch Tees G33N Combination Nipples
G36NF Female Garden Hose Coupling G36NM Male Garden Hose Coupling
G0816N Bushings G1600N Hex Head NPT Plugs
G6016N Compression Fitting G6096N 90° Compression Fitting
G0808PBH Polypropylene Bulkhead Coupling G16008PB Polypropylene Male NPT 60 MM DIN Buttress Adapter
G65PAB Polypropylene Male Cam-Lock 60 MM DIN Buttress Adapter