Abrasive Material Hose

Material handling service can vary from blowing lightweight insulation particles into walls, to carrying ore slurries across open pit mines. Different hose manufacturing technologies are chosen depending on the application. Green Line offers a selection of material handling hoses incorporating specialized rubbers, PVC’s, and urethanes in various constructions.

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G941WT & G941WE Pneumatic Transfer G941W Multi-Purpose Transfer
G1740 Urethane Blower G1741 Urethane Bulk Material
G1741AMPH Amphibian Hose G1741UBK Urethane Lined Black
G1745 & G1745R Air Seeder Hose G1340C & G1341C TPR Bulk Material
G722 Sandblast G741 Gum Rubber Material Transfer
G725 Dry Ice Hose G742 Groundhog Material Handling
G743 Rhino Material Handling G724 Gunite Hose
G772 & G774 Dry Cement G783 & G784 Concrete Placement Hose
G783 & G784 Concrete Placement Hose Assemblies