Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies

Flexible metal hoses are generally selected where rubber or plastic hoses are not suitable. For example, in permanent piping installations where flexibility is required, extreme high or low temperature applications, or corrosive, combustible or toxic environments. Assemblies are 100% tested. All flexible metal hose assemblies are custom made to order. Please allow 7-10 days delivery.

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G521-HH Assemblies with Male NPT Hex each end G521-MM Assemblies with Male NPT Plain each end
G521-JM Assemblies with Female JIC by Male NPT ends G521-JJ Assemblies with Female JIC each end
G521-FF Assemblies with A105 150# Fixed Flange each end G521-FX Assemblies with A105 150# Floating by Fixed Flange ends
G521-HHSS Assemblies with T304 Male NPT Hex each end G521-MMSS Assemblies with T304 Male NPT Plain each end