G1074 Brewer's Hose

Brewer’s Hose has a butyl rubber tube and cover to withstand high alcohol content and fatty liquids. Butyl rubber also has better resistance than natural rubber to modern sterilization solutions containing mixtures of peroxyacetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The large wall thickness on Brewer’s Hose allows it to withstand light vacuum and resist kinking.

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  • G1074-100 1" BREWER'S HOSE
    G1074-100 G1074-100 1" BREWER'S HOSE
    Price:  $13.04 / ft
  • G1074-125 1-1/4" BREWER'S HOSE
    G1074-125 G1074-125 1-1/4" BREWER'S HOSE
    Price:  $17.36 / ft
  • G1074-150 1-1/2" BREWER'S HOSE
    G1074-150 G1074-150 1-1/2" BREWER'S HOSE
    Price:  $17.84 / ft
  • G1074-200 2" BREWER'S HOSE
    G1074-200 G1074-200 2" BREWER'S HOSE
    Price:  $23.52 / ft
  • G1074-300 3" BREWER'S HOSE
    G1074-300 G1074-300 3" BREWER'S HOSE
    Price:  $44.40 / ft
1 - 5 of 5 Items
 Items per page
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