G941PS Poly-Spring

G941PS Poly-Spring uses a steel wire embedded in the hose wall to make a heavy-duty PVC suction and discharge hose suitable for a wide variety of food products. Poly-Spring will work in applications where soft-walled clear vinyl tubing and textile reinforced hoses do not provide the needed vacuum or kink resistance. Poly-Spring is used for milk, syrup, juices, wine, and food transfer applications. Its ability to withstand tight bends makes it useful for water lines in boats where space is tight.

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  • G941PS-025 1/4" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    G941PS-025 G941PS-025 1/4" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    Price:  $1.28 ft
  • G941PS-038 3/8" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    G941PS-038 G941PS-038 3/8" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    Price:  $1.64 ft
  • G941PS-050 1/2" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    G941PS-050 G941PS-050 1/2" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    Price:  $2.60 ft
  • G941PS-063 5/8" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    G941PS-063 G941PS-063 5/8" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    Price:  $4.24 ft
  • G941PS-075 3/4" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    G941PS-075 G941PS-075 3/4" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    Price:  $4.80 ft
  • G941PS-100 1" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    G941PS-100 G941PS-100 1" POLY-SPRING HOSE
    Price:  $5.84 ft
1 - 6 of 6 Items
  Items per page 
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