G800N Nylon Tubing

G800N Nylon Tubing is odorless, non-toxic and will not become brittle with age. Nylon is resistant to most chemicals, will withstand repeated flexing without fatigue, stays flexible at low temperatures, and has good abrasion resistance.

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  • G800N-02 1/8" NYLON TUBING
    G800N-02 G800N-02 1/8" NYLON TUBING
    Price:  $0.64 / ft
  • G800N-02.5 5/32" NYLON TUBING
    G800N-02.5 G800N-02.5 5/32" NYLON TUBING
    Price:  $0.96 / ft
  • G800N-06 3/8" NYLON TUBING
    G800N-06 G800N-06 3/8" NYLON TUBING
    Price:  $3.16 / ft
1 - 3 of 3 Items
 Items per page
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