G301 Utility Water

G301 Utility Water is found in several markets under different “aliases”. Its excellent temperature range, weathering resistance, and economic price make it a popular choice for many applications, such as car heater hose and dishwasher drain hose. Utility Water is most often sold in precut lengths in boxes for easy storage and dispensing. However it is also available in long lengths on reels.

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  • G301-075X50FT 3/4"X50FT WATER HOSE
    G301-075X50FT G301-075X50FT 3/4"X50FT WATER HOSE
    Price:  $62.00 ea
  • G301-063X50FT 5/8"X50FT WATER HOSE
    G301-063X50FT G301-063X50FT 5/8"X50FT WATER HOSE
    Price:  $48.00 ea
  • G301-050X50FT 1/2"X50FT WATER HOSE
    G301-050X50FT G301-050X50FT 1/2"X50FT WATER HOSE
    Price:  $44.00 ea
  • G301-075 3/4" WATER HOSE
    G301-075 G301-075 3/4" WATER HOSE
    Price:  $1.44 ft
  • G301-063 5/8" WATER HOSE
    G301-063 G301-063 5/8" WATER HOSE
    Price:  $1.12 ft
  • G301-050 1/2" WATER HOSE
    G301-050 G301-050 1/2" WATER HOSE
    Price:  $1.04 ft
1 - 6 of 6 Items
  Items per page 
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