G232 300 PSI Air/Water

G232 is a durable, flexible, highly kink-resistant hose. It is our standard, mandrel-built hose for use on jack-hammers, air tracks, and other air-operated equipment. G232 withstands the tough use hose receives in road construction, mines, and quarries. It is also recommended for water washdown in abusive conditions found around docks, shipyards, and pulp and paper mills.

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  • G11-N90-232 O-RING
    G11-N90-232 G11-N90-232 O-RING
    Price:  $2.00 ea
  • G232-050 1/2" DURAFLEX HOSE
    G232-050 G232-050 1/2" DURAFLEX HOSE
    Price:  $3.04 ft
  • G232-075 3/4" DURAFLEX HOSE
    G232-075 G232-075 3/4" DURAFLEX HOSE
    Price:  $4.08 ft
  • G232-100 1" DURAFLEX HOSE
    G232-100 G232-100 1" DURAFLEX HOSE
    Price:  $4.48 ft
  • G232-150 1-1/2" DURAFLEX HOSE
    G232-150 G232-150 1-1/2" DURAFLEX HOSE
    Price:  $8.32 ft
  • G232-200 2" DURAFLEX HOSE
    G232-200 G232-200 2" DURAFLEX HOSE
    Price:  $9.84 ft
  • G232-300 3" DURAFLEX HOSE
    G232-300 G232-300 3" DURAFLEX HOSE
    Price:  $19.52 ft
  • G232-400 4" DURAFLEX HOSE
    G232-400 G232-400 4" DURAFLEX HOSE
    Price:  $26.56 ft
1 - 8 of 8 Items
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