Food & Beverage

Food Hoses all require a tube that will not contaminate the food product being conveyed. In the same way that rubbers and thermoplastics are formulated to handle different chemicals, gases or materials, they are also made to suit various foods. For example, oily products will require an oil-resistant tube compound, while other hoses may be formulated more for heat or abrasion resistance.

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G911 Vinylite G941PS Poly-Spring
G941FT Clear Food Transfer G941MILK & G941MILKLT
G941WT & G941WE Pneumatic Transfer G1011 Deep-Fryer
G1040 Vineyard Crushproof Food & Beverage Hose G1041 Millenium Hardwall Food Transfer
G1073 Millenium Softwall Food Hose G1074 Brewer's Hose
G741 Gum Rubber Bulk Transfer